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Kathakali Clock in Rose Wood

Kathakali Clock in Rose Wood

A timeless classic carved in rosewood blending the values of time,
art and culture. This is a perfect ensemble of art, tradition and
functionality reflected in right proportions. Take this orienatal poem
written on rosewood to your home or office and proudly hang it on
the wall to reflect the class you belong to. It is truly a wonderful art
carved by traditional artisans where a clock canveys the time while
its beauty freezes the time.

Lock Shaped Key hanger

Lock Shaped Key hanger

Bring home some variety to your formal home furnishings with our
nice wooden works that can be hung on walls. It not only increases
the overall beauty of your interior but also can be very handy for
keeping keys and other frequently used items in a disciplined
manner. If sophistication with a touch of a classic appeal is what you
are looking for this wooden art is the right choice for you. Sleek
designs on the wooden surface make it more enticing.

Peacock Clock in Rose Wood

Peacock Clock in Rose Wood

Rosewood is a superb canvas where artisans can draw timeless
pieces of captivating images. Being a strong wood that is highly
resistant to wear and tear, arts carved in Rosewood will truly be a
collection of style and substance. Here the artisans have
transformed the concept of carving an artful object on wood into
designing a creative clock that can tell time and cast a spell. An
exemplary art for beautiful homes or offices where art is valued.